The Golcar Lily | Sunday Lunch
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Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch Menu

Main Course £11.95, 2 Courses £15.95, 3 Courses and Coffee £18.95

Kids Main Course £9.95, Kids 2 Courses £11.95, Kids 3 Courses and Coffee £14.95

Sunday Lunch Menu, Our Normal Menu and Specials are available all day Sunday 12.00pm – 8.00pm

The following is an example of our Sunday Lunch Menu, which we change weekly.

  • Cream Of Wild Mushroom Soup (v) (GF)

    With Bread Roll (G) (cy) (mk)

  • Deep Fried Breaded Brie With Cranberry Sauce (V) (GF)

    (mk) (e)

  • Chicken Liver And Brandy Pate (GF)

    With Toast (G) (m) (sp)

  • Prawn Cocktail (GF)

    Served with Brown bread (G) (e) (mk) (c)

  • Giant Yorkshire Pudding With Onion Gravy

    (g) (mk) (e)

  • Roast Topside of Beef (GF)

    with Yorkshire pudding (g) (mk) (e)

  • Roast Turkey And Stuffing (GF)

    With Pigs In Blankets (g)

  • Baked Supreme Chicken In Barbecue Sauce (GF)


  • Steak And Ale Plate Pie

    (g) (mk) (sp)

  • Poached Salmon With Dill And Lemon Butter (GF)

    (mk) (f)

  • Mushroom, Cranberry and Brie Wellington (V)

    Sauté mushrooms, cranberries and seasoned spinach with hazel nuts, topped with Brie in puff pastry (mk) (e) (g) (n)

Served with a selection of fresh vegetables, Roast and New Potatoes.

  • Brandy And Black Cherry Trifle (GF)

  • New York Style Baked Cheesecake (GF)

    with Raspberries (p) (n) (e) (mk)

  • Jam Roly Poly and Custard (V)

    (g) (mk) (e)

  • Toffee Crunch Pie

    A Chocolate Flavoured Pastry Case Topped With Sticky Caramel, Crunchy Chocolate Pieces, Smothered With Toffee Flavour Mousse, Sprinkled With Honeycomb Pieces And Choc Fudge (g) (s) (n) (mk)

  • Choice Of Ice Cream (GF)

    flavours are: chocolate with chocolate pieces, strawberry, vanilla and toffee with toffee pieces (mk)

Filter Coffee and Mints

Dishes indicated are suitable for (GF) Gluten Free, Coeliac, (V) Vegetarian, (VG) Vegan diets. 

Dishes indicated contain: (c) Crustaceans, (cy) Celery, (e) Eggs, (f) Fish, (g) Gluten, (l) Lupin, (m) Molluscs, (md) Mustard, (mk) Milk, (n) Nuts, (p) Peanuts, (s) Soybeans, (sp) Sulphites, (ss) Sesame Seeds.

Items with bread can be substituted for Gluten Free Bread.  Chips are unsuitable for Coeliacs.